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Statara American Insights Survey

Hear from real people on today’s most important issues, political and otherwise.

In an era driven by information, public affairs professionals rely on reliable data to inform messaging and tactics. Statara recognizes the paramount importance of accurate and comprehensive information, and our quarterly omnibus polling is part of Statara’s commitment to delivering high-quality data that empowers communicators, businesses, and policymakers alike.

Whether you’re navigating market trends, gauging public opinion, or refining your public affairs strategies, our polling ensures you’ll have access to a wealth of trustworthy information. Like we say at Statara, start with data and do more.

Who can use it?

  • Advocacy groups
  • Political organizations
  • Companies and trade associations

Statara’s omnibus is matched to Statara’s Voter Insights to provide true insight into what the electorate thinks about your issue or cause. Each quarterly omnibus polls a randomly selected online non-probability panel sample consisting of 2,000 American adults.

Past Omnibus Polling

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