Higher Education

Colleges and universities have a myriad of reasons to keep in touch with their alumni beyond alumni weekend each year. But many struggle with keeping up. Between changing technology and alumni that are moving physically and between platforms, keeping tabs on alumni on an ongoing basis can feel like a daunting job to the alumni relations team.

That’s why colleges and universities across the United States depend on our best-in-class list enhancement services, identity resolution, and our audience segmentation for targeted outreach.  

Here are some ways that they’ve used our services:

  • Enhance alumni lists for legislative advocacy and fundraising 
  • Digital audiences for public engagement campaigns 
  • Influencer audiences for public awareness campaigns 
  • Poll samples for local, state, regional and national survey research 
  • Voterfile and consumer data for research and analysis 
  • Recruitment audiences for diverse student admissions

How do you market to university alumni?

Digital marketing is a cost effective way to reach out to alumni and continue to nurture a long term relationship with them as they proceed to start and build their careers. Building the foundation of a digital marketing system for your university will allow you to access that audience whenever a moment arises. 

Statara can help you enhance the quality of your list so that with every life change in the years and decades after graduation, your relationship remains intact. By maintaining and enhancing your data, you can feel confident that your coordinated offline and online campaigns are reaching your alumni right where they are today.

How do you build an evolving alumni engagement strategy?

As alumni associations look to engage their alumni in meaningful ways, developing an effective alumni marketing strategy is key. A successful alumni marketing strategy should take into account the changing needs of alumni over the course of their lifetimes, as well as how to best use available resources. The following steps outline how to create an evolving alumni marketing strategy:

First, it is important to assess the current state of the organization’s alumni marketing efforts. This assessment should consider both the strengths and weaknesses of current alumni engagement efforts, as well as potential areas of improvement. This can be done through surveys, interviews, or focus groups with alumni.

Second, organizations should set clear goals for alumni engagement. These goals should be tailored to the needs of the organization and its alumni, and should be achievable yet challenging. Establishing goals will help to ensure that all marketing efforts are focused and effective.

Third, organizations should create a plan to reach their goals. This plan should include a budget, timeline, outreach methods, and other details. Organizations should also consider using a mix of traditional and digital outreach methods, such as email, social media, and events.

Finally, organizations should measure the success of their alumni marketing efforts. This can be done by tracking engagement, donations, and other metrics. Regular reviews of progress should be conducted to ensure that the strategy is on track and that any changes needed are made.

By following these steps, organizations can create an alumni marketing strategy that is tailored to their needs and evolves over time.

Ways To Reconnect With Your Alumni Network

Have you fallen out of touch with your alumni list? How can you begin to reengage them after years without hearing from you? Statara can help.

Using our proprietary, national consumer file and our state-of-the-art matching processes, we will clean up your list with the most accurate contact information on the market, and enhance it with socio-economic, demographic, and civic-participation profiles that will make your outreach optimally appealing to your audience.