Statara leverages a powerful suite of identity resolution and record linkage capabilities that access historic repositories of consumer occupancy information. Our proprietary build process uses sophisticated approximate string-matching routines and robust data integration technologies that consistently match individuals across name and address changes while also assuring accuracy. This allows us to accurately find intended audiences over time and helps us to overcome common challenges in standard matching processes.

Statara ensures high data quality is maintained by comparing against multi-sourced consumer data products and performing a series of standardization and data-quality improvements. We consider data accuracy paramount and abide by the following processes to deliver the highest quality and most accurate and actionable data in the industry:

Everything at Statara starts with data. Our products are built on multiple sources of government compiled data and national consumer and behavioral datasets. This best-in-class approach, coupled with our proprietary identity resolution and matching processes, makes Statara’s national data files the most accurate and comprehensive on the market.

Our data offers the best coverage and unparalleled  accuracy. We continuously update our  databases with verified sources, and we put our data through rigorous testing – including testing our data in our own outreach and advertising programs.

We strive to make sure that our products and services are fully -documented and clear to our clients.

Our data and processes are customizable to meet the needs of our clients.  We stand ready to innovate and build custom features, capabilities, data sets, and workflows  as necessary. Our philosophy is to provide individual clients with what they need, not what works best for us. Our business model was designed to make project and campaign design and implementation  a simple and pain-free process.  We provide the access, tools, and resources our clients need to access data and programmatic assets when and how they are needed.

Statara has the capacity to process many billions of records per year through both industry standard data services (postal products, geo-coding, phone number updates) and state-of-the-art data quality, and matching technologies within our current technical infrastructure.

Statara builds and maintains a 263+ million-record database that includes thousands of fields of government sourced data, consumer data, contact data, predictive models, contribution data and much more. Most of our data is multi-sourced from a variety of commercial, private, public, and self-reported data sources. We constantly analyze, test, and compare data sources to provide the most accurate data possible. Our exclusive data partnerships allow us to provide the most accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date data on the market.

We use state-of-the-art record linkage and data processing techniques to power our unparalleled data services ensuring that all our data is cleaned, standardized and easy-to-use. We boast some of the industry’s highest match rates, which empowers our clients more complete and actionable audience segments.

Statara uses cloud platforms to provide our data processing and access infrastructure with reliability and scalability. Our rigorous security program uses modern best practices to secure our infrastructure and products and to minimize the risks. Our solutions are battle-tested, ensuring you can securely access our data and services when you need them.