Regulated Industries

At Statara, we understand the importance of compliance and responsible marketing in regulated industries such as Cannabis, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Gaming/Gambling. That’s why we utilize a solution set of verified age data and transparency around marketing intent to assist marketers in these industries. Our data can help companies ensure that their marketing efforts are age appropriate and only targeted towards the intended audience.   We also provide identity verification services to ensure that only eligible customers can access certain products and services, such as online gambling platforms. 

In addition to our data and identity verification services, we have extensive experience in navigating regulations across national, state, and local jurisdictions. We understand the complexities of regulatory requirements in different regions and can help companies ensure that their marketing efforts are compliant with all relevant laws and regulations. Our expertise in this area can help companies avoid costly regulatory missteps and reputational damage, while also maximizing their marketing impact. 

Ultimately, our approach to data, identity verification, and regulatory expertise provides a comprehensive solution for marketers in regulated industries. By utilizing our services, companies can be confident that their marketing efforts are both effective and compliant. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and develop customized solutions that meet their specific requirements. Whether it’s verifying customer identities, ensuring age compliance, or navigating complex regulatory landscapes, Statara has the expertise and resources to help companies succeed in highly regulated industries.


The cannabis industry is growing rapidly in the United States, and with it comes the need for effective marketing strategies. As with any other industry, cannabis marketers must use accurate data to target their audiences, but when it comes to the cannabis industry, there is an added layer of complexity: marketing restrictions for age compliance. In order for cannabis industry marketing to be successful, companies must not only adhere to traditional data-driven marketing practices, but also ensure that their campaigns are compliant with the various age restrictions imposed by state and federal laws.

Statara has created a unique suite of products and services for cannabis brands and agencies. Designed specifically for the cannabis industry, Baked Audiences is a database of 192 million accurate, age-compliant cannabis sales prospects. 

Baked Audiences helps you stay compliant with marketing regulations and enables you to stretch your budget to focus on your priority targets.


Alcohol advertising restrictions can pose significant challenges for companies looking to market their products effectively. Without a clear understanding of how, where, and what you can advertise, it can be difficult to develop and execute successful marketing campaigns. For example, certain platforms and media channels may be off-limits for alcohol advertising, while others may have strict content guidelines that must be followed. In addition, different states may have varying restrictions and regulations, further complicating the advertising landscape. As a result, companies can easily waste valuable time and resources on ineffective marketing efforts, or worse, run afoul of regulatory requirements. 

This is where our expertise can be invaluable. By leveraging our datasets and intent based identity resolution, our extensive knowledge of alcohol advertising regulations, as well as our experience in navigating these restrictions across different marketing tactics, we can help guide your company towards more effective and compliant marketing strategies. Whether it’s identifying the most suitable channels and platforms for your advertising campaigns or navigating the complexities of cross-state advertising, we can provide the guidance and support you need to maximize your marketing impact while minimizing risk.  


Gambling and legal sports wagering can be a fun and exciting form of entertainment for adults, but it’s important that these activities are consumed responsibly. As such, that  industry standards and regulators require companies marketing these products target their advertising and promotions towards a mature, adult audience. This means avoiding marketing tactics that could be seen as appealing to minors or promoting excessive or irresponsible gambling behavior. Failure to do so can not only damage a company’s reputation but also lead to significant regulatory repercussions. 

Our solutions provide companies with a powerful tool to ensure that their marketing efforts are appropriately targeted towards adult consumers. By leveraging Statara, companies can develop advertising campaigns and promotions that are more likely to reach their intended audience and avoid inadvertently targeting minors. We also help companies ensure that their advertising content and messaging is in line with regulatory requirements, such as those related to responsible gambling and addiction prevention. Ultimately, we help companies market their gambling and sports wagering products in a responsible and effective manner. 

Moreover, our expertise in navigating the complex landscape of gambling and sports wagering regulations can help companies stay compliant with ever-changing rules and requirements. We can provide guidance on best practices for marketing these products in different regions and markets, ensuring that companies avoid any potential regulatory missteps. Our data and expertise can help companies strike the right balance between marketing their products effectively and responsibly, allowing them to reach their target audience without running afoul of regulatory requirements.