Statara offers fully-integrated solutions delivered through a full-service experience.

Insights & Strategy

Statara can help you stay ahead of the competition, identify new opportunities for growth, and improve your bottom line. With a variety of approaches, you’ll develop more effective marketing campaigns, enhance your products and services, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our approaches include:  

  • Polling, Focus Groups & Social Listening
  • Predictive Modeling & Scores
  • Audience Selection & Tailored Messaging
  • Custom Interactive Dashboards
  • Campaign Optimization & Strategic Consulting Services

Data & Technology

With effective data collection and analysis, you can gain valuable insights into your operations, customers, and markets–and Statara has the right tools and technologies to help you thrive in today’s data-driven world. We offer the following services to help you gain a competitive advantage: 

  • Data Warehousing & Website Infrastructure
  • Data Management & Support
  • Data Products & Services
  • Custom Models & Scores
  • Curated Audiences & Targeting
  • Web Application Development

Brand & Website Development

Brand and website development are critical components of your overall marketing strategy. The importance of brand development lies in its ability to communicate your values, mission, and unique selling proposition. A strong brand will help you stand out from your competitors and build a loyal customer base while establishing trust and credibility. Statara can help you wherever you need it: 

  • Brand Conceptualization & Asset Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • Website & Social Media Content Creation
  • Application Integrations

Creative Content & Marketing

Creative content and marketing are essential in establishing and maintaining your brand identity, engaging with your audience, and ultimately driving sales. Combining creative content and an effective marketing strategy will allow you to communicate your message in a way that resonates with your audience. Statara can help you reach your audience wherever they are, including through: 

  • Creative Content
  • Digital Ad Campaign Design and Execution
  • Outbound Phone Programs
  • Direct Mail
  • Outbound Email
  • TV, Radio & Print

Public Affairs & Advocacy

With a strategic approach to public affairs and advocacy, Statara can help you engage on issues important to your stakeholders, demonstrate your commitment to your values, and protect your interests. Particularly in industries where government regulations and policies play a significant role, these data-driven tactics can help you enhance your reputation and credibility: 

  • Call-To-Action Campaigns
  • Petition Verification
  • Voter Registration / GOTV Software
  • Virtual Town Halls
  • Coalition Building
  • Key Contacts Program