Statara’s Data Dictionary

When Washington changes, so does the nexus of influence

Now is the time to plan ahead, understand your audience and how they engaged in the election, and assess the new spheres of influence inside the Beltways and under Capitol domes across the country. Statara Identity Insights, with easy access to our online Data Dictionary, is the powerful tool you need form understanding the new landscape and communicating your message to a new set of influencers.

What are some practices for achieving policy and advocacy success in 2023?

  • Use data. Statara leverages thousands of verified data points to create Statara Identity Insights, our best-in-class dataset of more than 600 fields on 263 million consumers and voters that can be used to build and analyze a custom audience. For example, our modeled Activist Score can help you learn who your likely most active volunteers and advocates will be, enabling you to focus on recruiting those folks early rather than spending time and money on those who are less likely to want to help your cause.

  • Stop assuming. Identity Insights can also provide a fuller picture of interests and habits for people in your membership or audience, so that you know them better and deploy more effective messaging and tactics.

  • Make data-informed advocacy decisions. If you know who your audience is, it will be easier to make sure that your messaging resonates with them and moves the needle on the issues you care about most.

With changes in Washington come new opportunities for how industries and companies can move ahead with their agendas.

To be successful, it’s important to know the landscape. Who are the influencers and what are their goals? What are their priorities? Who is driving change at the moment and where does that leave you or your company in terms of pushing your agenda forward? How do you develop influence within Congress and stay on top of issues as they evolve through time?

Statara is the ideal partner for reaching new audiences with your message and understanding how your audience engaged during the election cycle and for reaching new audiences that will influence the new Congress.

Public affairs campaigns will need to evolve their strategies to keep up. As the landscape changes, these campaigns will need to be more targeted and personalized. They must also be agile enough to adjust their strategies in response to shifting political winds.

Drawing upon best-in-class data, cutting edge data science techniques, and a team of experienced data experts, Statara provides the insights an organization needs to solve some of its biggest challenges. We then see those solutions through from start to finish with a full-service approach that covers everything from data enhancement, polling, and advertising to message testing, data visualization, engagement, and more.

Keep winning after the election cycle ends

No matter what party controls Congress in its aftermath, the upheaval of the 2022 election will require advocacy organizations to find new ways to influence policy. We’ve been through these changing landscapes before and know what it takes for you to be ready with a strategy that will be effective in this new high-stakes political environment.

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