National Omnibus Survey – Top Lines

National Omnibus Survey

Top Lines – August 30, 2023


American Strategies and Statara designed and administered this multi-modal survey. Data were collected through a randomly selected online non-probability panel sample provided by Dynata Research and Qualtrics links delivered via MMS. The survey reached 1,121 adults, age 18 or older. The survey was conducted August 15-30, 2023.

Sixty-five percent of respondents were reached through the non-probability panel sample and thirty five percent via MMS message. Quotas were assigned to reflect the demographic distribution adults age 18 and older in the United States. The overall margin of error is +/- 2.9%. The margin of error for subgroups is larger and varies. Percentage totals may not add up precisely due to rounding.


Variable Name: EDLL

Question: Most fossil fuel pipelines run across privately held land. Companies pay landowners for the use of the land through something called a land lease agreement, which is a private transaction between the company and the landowner where the owner is paid for the use of his or her land. This is how most pipelines are constructed.

Does this information make you (ROTATE) more or less likely to support the construction of a fossil fuel pipeline, or does it make no difference to how you feel?

Count Percent
Total Answering 992 100%
Much more likely 220 22.2%
Somewhat more likely 423 42.6%
Somewhat less likely 255 25.7%
Much less likely 94 9.5%


Variable Name: FFPIPE

Question: Moving on, in general, do you (ROTATE) support or oppose constructing pipelines for fossil fuels, such as oil, natural gas, or carbon capture?

Count Percent
Total Answering 999 100%
Strongly support 348 34.8%
Somewhat support 298 29.8%
Somewhat oppose 213 21.3%
Strongly oppose 140 14.0%


Variable Name: GEBUILD

Question: In general, do you (ROTATE) support or oppose constructing green energy infrastructure such as wind farms or solar panel farm?

Count Percent
Total Answering 995 100%
Strongly support 433 43.5%
Somewhat support 317 31.9%
Somewhat oppose 127 12.8%
Strongly oppose 118 11.9%


Variable Name: GREENCONS

Question: How important would you say it is for consumers to buy products that reduce their carbon footprint, such as electric or hybrid cars, home solar panels, or electric appliances for your home?

Count Percent
Total Answering 988 100%
Extremely important 176 17.8%
Very important 222 22.5%
Somewhat important 287 29.0%
Not so important 159 16.1%
Not at all important 144 14.6%


Variable Name: NUCLEAR1

Question: Do you (ROTATE) favor or oppose increasing production of nuclear energy in the United States?

Count Percent
Total Answering 1,029 100%
Strongly favor 289 28.1%
Somewhat favor 378 36.7%
Strongly oppose 251 24.4%
Somewhat oppose 111 10.8%


Variable Name: NUCLEAR2

Question: And how close to a nuclear power plant would you say you feel comfortable living? (ROTATE FIST TO LAST AND LAST TO FIRST)

Count Percent
Total Answering 1,025 100%
10 miles 121 11.8%
25 miles 121 11.8%
50 miles 191 18.6%
100 miles 130 12.7%
More than 100 miles 462 45.1%