Statara Solutions Wins 2024 Product of the Year ‘Sammys’ Award 

First-of-its-kind Programmatic Media Buying Solution Statara AdVantage360 Recognized as Best Advertising Technology by the Business Intelligence Group

WASHINGTON, D.C. – June 25, 2024 – Statara Solutions, a data analytics and customer intelligence solutions provider, today announced that its media buying platform Statara AdVantage360 was named a Product of the Year for the 2024 Sales and Marketing Technology Awards (aka Sammys) by the Business Intelligence Group. Recognized in the Best Advertising Technology category, AdVantage360 is a holistic solution that enables precision targeting for marketers and agency counterparts and data-driven attribution of digital campaign performance.

“We are thrilled that Statara AdVantage360 is receiving industry recognition as a stand-out advertising platform,” said Bryan Whitaker, CEO, Statara Solutions. “For marketers trying to maximize their ad dollars, our groundbreaking solution has already demonstrated significant ROAS by affording detailed insights into campaign performance which optimizes the customer journey from ad exposure to purchase.” 

By harnessing intent data, AdVantage360 can pinpoint potential customers and highlight data signals relevant to an organizations’ products and services. Onboarding and activating those segments through AdVantage360, the digital campaigns are tailored to reach specific audiences with high purchase intent. The platform’s unparalleled programmatic targeting capabilities ensure that rich campaigns are delivered to high value prospects, thereby maximizing conversion potential.

“We are honored to recognize Statara Solutions for their achievement in winning Product of the Year for Statara AdVantage360,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer at Business Intelligence Group. “Their innovative solution is empowering businesses to gain deeper customer insights and optimize sales and marketing strategies.”

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About Statara

Statara is an innovative provider of data analytics and customer intelligence solutions. Our specialized identity resolution strategies including data hygiene and first-party data enrichment equip advocacy groups and corporate affairs campaigns, colleges and universities, and regulated consumer brand marketers with the critical insights and capabilities to execute their marketing campaigns. With our Digital Audiences, brands can launch targeted campaigns in full confidence that consumer data privacy and compliance will be upheld. Our experienced team of strategic consultants and data scientists ensure that our identity resolution, digital audience and activation solutions deliver optimized decision-making, personalized marketing and superior customer experiences. Statara is a business unit of holding company TARA Group. For more information, visit