Statara’s unparalleled data now publicly available on Snowflake Marketplace

WASHINGTONMay 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Statara Solutions, LLC has announced that its Identity Insights data will now be available through Snowflake Marketplace, an analytics and data management platform powered by Snowflake’s ground-breaking cross-cloud technology, Snowgrid.

This advanced technology grants users unrivaled access to thorough information gathered from public records and business websites, updated periodically to ensure the most current and relevant data is available.

Designed to cater to a wide array of market sectors, the solution allows customers access to segments of existing datasets fine-tuned to their specific requirements. By concentrating on the most valuable information for their organizations, users can uncover new insights and make well-informed decisions.

In addition, Statara’s trailblazing partnership presents multiple data enrichment options, empowering users to supplement the data with additional information and analytics. This added value equips customers with a more profound understanding of their target markets, competition, and industry trends.

“We’re pleased to bring Statara Identity Insights to new customers in partnership with Snowflake Marketplace,” said Lindsey Schuh Cortes, CEO at Statara. “This new platform allows us to meet our joint customers where they’re at with high-quality, customizable datasets to meet their specific needs.”

Statara’s Identity Insights, a data set of approximately 260 million individuals (U.S.), is produced through industry-leading data sourcing, modeling, enhancement, and auditing. Statara Identity Insights features over 800 attributes depicting contact information, demographics, consumer interests, buying behaviors, model scores, voting information, donation history, and more.

In addition to Snowflake Marketplace, Statara’s data segments are also available through LiveRamp‘s Marketplace and across many DSPs and DMPs.

About Statara: Statara Solutions, LLC is a full-service data and marketing solutions provider. Drawing upon best-in-class data, cutting edge data science techniques, and a team of experienced data experts, Statara provides the insights an organization needs to solve some of its biggest challenges. They then see those solutions through from start to finish with a full-service approach that covers everything from data enhancement, polling, and advertising to message testing, data visualization, engagement, and more. Learn more at