Statara Introduces Intelligent Digital Audiences for Brands and Agencies

70+ Unique, Pre-Built Data Segments Enable Marketers to Tap into Statara’s Industry-Leading Identity Insights to Maximize Digital Ad Buys

WASHINGTON D.C., June 28, 2023 – Statara Solutions LLC, a leading provider of data analytics and customer intelligence solutions, today announced the availability of Statara Intelligent Digital Audiences to help brand marketers and agencies reach the right people with the right messages. Digital Audiences is available on popular DSPs and DMPs including The Trade Desk, LiveRamp, AdGear, StackAdapt and more, for addressable marketing program integration. 

Based on its extensive Statara Identity Insights identity graph and industry-leading age and critical demographic data, Statara’s 70+ proprietary Intelligent Digital Audiences enable marketers to maximize the impact of their digital ad buys. Marketers can also tap into Statara Identity Insight’s Data Dictionary to develop their own unique audience segments.

“Our goal is to deliver our marketer and agency clients the most accurate and comprehensive datasets available so that their campaign activations are highly targeted and effective in maximizing conversions,” said Lindsey Schuh Cortes, CEO of Statara. “The strength of Intelligent Digital Audiences comes from our regulated industry roots and enables marketers to leverage  our world class identity Insights with complete transparency, which is often missing in the data partner relationship.”  

Statara’s age data has been highly rated for its accuracy by Truthset, the industry’s leading recognition for data accuracy, quality, and transparency. Age data is essential for compliance in highly regulated industries like cannabis, where multiple clients use Starata’s proprietary Baked Audiences solution. Truthset has also recognized the strength and accuracy of Statara’s data on education, gender, race/ethnicity, political affiliation, language spoken, and home ownership/renter status.

About Statara

Statara is an innovative provider of data analytics and customer intelligence solutions. Our specialized identity resolution strategies including data hygiene and first-party data enrichment equip advocacy groups and corporate affairs campaigns, colleges and universities, and regulated consumer brand marketers with the critical insights and capabilities to execute their marketing campaigns. With our Digital Audiences, brands can launch targeted campaigns in full confidence that consumer data privacy and compliance will be upheld. Our experienced team of strategic consultants and data scientists ensure that our identity resolution, digital audience and activation solutions deliver optimized decision-making, personalized marketing and superior customer experiences. Statara is a business-unit of holding company TARA Group. For more information, visit