Industry-Leading Statara Identity Insights Help Brands Maximize First Party Data in New River Strategies’ Bluebell People Data PaaS

WASHINGTONOct. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Statara Solutions LLC, a leading provider of data analytics and customer intelligence solutions, today announced a new strategic partnership with New River Strategies and its newly-launched Bluebell software product, a people data platform as a service. Through the partnership, brands and agencies can maximize their first-party data with Statara Intelligent Digital Audiences directly in Bluebell to deliver actionable, personalized marketing and superior customer experiences.

“We introduced Bluebell to help brands and agencies turn their data into actionable insights,” said Benjy Messner, CEO and Founder, New River Strategies. “In partnering with Statara, brand marketers now have access to incredibly rich and extensive data sets that will maximize and extend their own first-party data. With our built-in modeling capabilities and Statara’s unique data insights, we are revolutionizing how people design, target, and measure outreach programs.”

The addition of Statara’s industry-leading Intelligent Digital Audiences to Bluebell means that brands and agencies can now run cutting-edge programs and find the best targets whether or not they already have their own first-party data. Statara’s pre-built audiences neatly complement Bluebell’s capabilities, which let users build their own predictive models in a single day.

“Statara recognizes the significant benefits of partnering with New River’s Bluebell platform and we are proud to work closely with them,” said Bryan Whitaker, CEO and Co-Founder of Statara. “Our collaboration strengthens our collective commitment to deliver the most accurate, unified data and insights to brand customers to enable them to activate and measure highly efficient and effective marketing strategies.”

Based on its extensive Statara Identity Insights identity graph and industry-leading age and critical demographic data, Statara’s 70+ proprietary Intelligent Digital Audiences enable marketers to maximize the impact of their digital ad buys. Marketers can also tap into Statara Identity Insight’s Data Dictionary to develop their own unique audience segments. Statara’s age data has been highly rated for its accuracy by Truthset, the industry’s leading recognition for data accuracy, quality, and transparency. Truthset has also recognized the strength and accuracy of Statara’s data on education, gender, race/ethnicity, political affiliation, language spoken, and home ownership/renter status.

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New River Strategies uses data, analytics, and technology to move people to action and turn numbers into outcomes. The firm has won national political campaigns and multi-billion-dollar proxy fights, built movements and advocacy campaigns, and helped market products directly to consumers. Committed to making data about people work for people who don’t know data, our Bluebell people data platform as a service makes it easy for even non-technical users to get the most out of their data silos and easily access important insights. For more information, please contact us at

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Statara is an innovative provider of data analytics and customer intelligence solutions. Our specialized identity resolution strategies including data hygiene and first-party data enrichment equip advocacy groups and corporate affairs campaigns, colleges and universities, and regulated consumer brand marketers with the critical insights and capabilities to execute their marketing campaigns. With our Digital Audiences, brands can launch targeted campaigns in full confidence that consumer data privacy and compliance will be upheld. Our experienced team of strategic consultants and data scientists ensure that our identity resolution, digital audience and activation solutions deliver optimized decision-making, personalized marketing and superior customer experiences. Statara is a business unit of holding company TARA Group. For more information, visit

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