Need to extend your audience reach? Consider a lookalike model.

Many of our clients who have first-party data (e.g. members, volunteers, activists, donors) eventually hit a wall with their lists. Open rates are on decline, no new membership sign-ups, no additional new donations, no new volunteer energy coming into the organization. This leads to admissions officers, membership directors, and organizational leaders to fear their organizations have peaked. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! They’ve just burnt their list and need to find new leads to engage.

One of our best tools to grow audiences and help you acquire new members, volunteers, activists, and donors is to create a predictive “lookalike” model. Starting with an organization’s current list as a training set of the kinds of individuals they desire to find more of, Statara matches that to our proprietary data set to identify characteristics that “pop” as being unique to the target audience. We then use our analytics tools to find more people within our national data set who also have those unique traits. That leads us to create a resulting audience of “leads” for you to reach out to who are more likely than not to be receptive to your mission and message and want to become a part of your organization.

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