Data Quality Assessments from Statara

A free, comprehensive audit of your data with potential enhancement opportunities.

  • Tired of calling disconnected phone numbers?
  • Still getting returned mail?
  • Missing critical insights about people on your list?

If you’re questioning the accuracy of your data, Statara has a free and easy solution for you. Statara’s Data Quality Assessment runs your data through several hygiene and enhancement processes, including STATMatch, our platform that matches to our flagship data product, Statara Identity Insights.

Statara’s assessment covers several key fields, including:

Name and Address Quality 

Statara not only conducts a full audit of names, but also uses geocoding technology, delivery point validation, and accuracy verification through the USPS Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) to identify and correct inaccuracies.

Address Recency

Statara provides a full address analysis including move type and move date, backed up by not only the USPS National Change of Address (NCOALink) system, but also Statara’s proprietary change of address sources.

Entity Recognition

Statara combines several industry-leading systems with billions of residential occupancy records going back over forty years, Statara can help you identify an individual regardless of name and address changes.

Contact Enhancements

Statara creates digital advertising audiences that will help you reach potential and existing customers through modern communications, including a full analysis of email, phone, and Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs).


Finally, Statara compares your contacts to a baseline universe representing the US Adult Population across key data points found in our Consumer Insights, Voter Insights, and Analytic Insights data.

Statara’s final summary of findings will provide recommendations for improving your data quality, which may include updating addresses, consolidating duplicate records, or purging records.