Custom Influencer Audiences: The Future of Targeting

Certain individuals are better positioned to engage policymakers using their relationships, expertise, and/or celebrity–at Statara we call these people Influencers.

How can you reach them?

Statara builds and maintains Statara Identity Insights, a national database that includes thousands of fields of government sourced data, consumer data, contact data, predictive models, contribution data and much more. Our exclusive data partnerships allow us to provide the most accurate and comprehensive data on the market. When you partner with Statara, you gain access to data that is more reliable, more granular, and more up-to-date than what you may be able to collect on your own. 

What’s more–unlike our competitors’ blackbox, off-the-shelf Influencer Audiences, Statara’s custom Influencer Audiences use the detailed data in our Statara Identity Insights database to help you identify the Influencers and Influentials who most resonate with the policymakers and staff you’re trying to reach with your advocacy message.

This works in one of two ways:

  1. Do you have a short list of Influencers in mind? Statara can start with a spreadsheet with names (and cities of residence) of individuals important to a campaign’s target, or in their sphere of influence. These usually include the inner circle and close social graph of the campaign target – people they’ll run often. That list is then matched to Statara’s Identity Insights to get addresses, email addresses, landline phones, cell phones, and much more. Then we onboard the enhanced list for digital ad buys.
  2. Don’t have your own list already? Statara can build a list of Influencers from Statara Identity Insights data set based on data we have about people’s employers, job titles, occupation, and relationship to the campaign target. Then we onboard that list for digital ad buys.

Basically, while our competitors say “Trust us, your intended targets are in here,” we at Statara will work to onboard your targets with input from you, creating a custom list tailored to your goals. 

Whether you’re working on anything from the Farm Bill, Online Gaming, Energy Issues, Net Neutrality, Cannabis Legalization, Infrastructure Investments, Taxes, and much much more–when your message reaches the right influencers and influentials, your advocacy campaign is one step closer to success.

And remember: influencers are both online and offline, so don’t discount mail, email, phone calls, and texts to reach them in multichannel ways. Statara can also use our data to build mailings, email-program, text messages, and robo-call campaigns. This multi-channel approach builds an effective echo-chamber around your Influencer and campaign target.

Statara can help you construct Influencer audiences to drive your advocacy campaign. Contact us at to learn more.