Are you ready for Cookiepocalypse?

Even with Google’s recent announcement they’re delaying killing cookies in 2024 rather than 2023, Cookiepocalypse is still bearing down on digital advertisers. In order for you to communicate with your intended online audiences in meaningful, targeted ways, organizations like yours need to start preparing now in 2022.

Most importantly, your advertising options through ad retargeting and behavioral advertising (traditionally executed using third party cookies) will be severely limited without first-party data or privacy-compliant segments and targeting.

To get ahead of the curve, Statara can help do the legwork to build your first-party relationships now, so that your digital advertising campaigns don’t run afoul of ever-changing rules and regulations.

Statara will help you by implementing our identity resolution process and audience targeting services. If you’re a university with an alumni list, an advocacy group with an activist list, or a retailer with a consumer loyalty list – let us work with you to augment your insights and contacts so that when Cookiepocalypse happens, you’re all set with as large a list of first-party and privacy compliant data as possible.

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