Build Better
Cannabis Marketing

Whether you’re a brand, a dispensary, delivery company, or a sales and marketing guru, Baked Audiences is here to help you grow your community, amplify your outreach, and increase your sales.


Statara maintains a national data file with over 266 million Americans, offering comprehensive and accurate data enhanced with relevant government and privately sourced datasets. This allows you to manage your first-party data effectively.

What Can Baked Audiences Do For you?

Organize Your Data: Gather all your information in one place to understand your customers better.

Activate Your Customers: Enhance and activate your customer lists for more effective marketing campaigns.

Provide New Marketing Lists: Access new marketing lists to expand your reach and find new customers.

Optimize Your Marketing Spend: Stop spending marketing dollars in the wrong places and focus on what works.

Find New Customers: Use our data to identify and target new customers effectively.

Expand Your Community

We help you market to a first-party dataset your data that you own instead of spending money in someone else’s community. Our data services ensure that you learn more about your audience and can target your customers accurately.

Key Features

Data Security: Our data transfer and intake exceed industry standard security and privacy compliance.

Data Update and Enhancement: Benefit from our three decades of work with retail, brand, and trade association membership data.

Integrations: Integrate with your favorite cannabis and non-cannabis specific outreach and software platforms for seamless operations.

Stay Compliant, Focus on Growth

When you’re 100% compliant with regulations, you’re 100% focused on growing your customers and community. Go beyond guessing consumer age to verifying age using government data, ensuring compliance and accuracy in your marketing efforts.

About Statara

Data excellence is at the heart of what we do here. We started with a passion: to help businesses use data superpowers to flourish, and specialize in identity resolution and matching services such as people and records linkage. With the help of our best-in-class technology, we make the most reliable matches with a large variety of sources of business records. Combing different sources of data, we can provide you with the accurate, timely, and actionable intelligence to achieve success.