New Data Analytics Player Turning Custom Audiences into Revenue Growth Opportunities for Cannabis-related and other Brands with Stirista’s Exclusive Monetization Partner Program

WASHINGTON and SAN ANTONIOMarch 18, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Statara Solutions, a full-service data, analytics, public affairs, and marketing firm, today announced it has joined Stirista‘s Fusion Data Transformation Program. Specifically supporting the Cannabis industry to start, Statara is utilizing Stirista’s exclusive program to extend the reach and monetize custom audience segments in all of the major DSPs, DMPs, and data marketplaces.

“In working with brands that have elevated multi-sourced, compliance marketing requirements for their campaigns such as the Cannabis industry, Statara needed a data-driven white glove partner that could help us extend our customers’ growth potential with effective onboarding and digital distribution,” said Statara CEO Lindsey Schuh Cortés. “As we continue to uncover new opportunities for brands to grow and engage more effectively, we believe that Stirista will be a critical part of our workflow on all of our digital offerings.”

Stirista’s Fusion Data Transformation program brings best-of-breed data providers into a buyer marketplace for companies who have major data assets that they are not currently monetizing. The partnership program removes the barriers of digital monetization, overcoming the complexity of building a taxonomy, as well as providing the resources required to manage various platforms and marketplaces.

Stirista’s partner network taps into hundreds of destination integrations. In addition, Stirista creates and refines the taxonomies for audience segments based on extensive experience with providing audience segments to major agencies and brands across the digital ecosystem. The partnership allows participants to increase their reach and engage with high-value audience targets, with personalized, relevant omnichannel messaging.

Added Stirista SVP of Data Strategy Blaine Britten, “We are thrilled to partner with rising star data analytics player Statara as they work to provide a more complete, holistic view of customers based on both digital and offline profiles and behaviors. These are critical factors which will support their mission in helping to build, optimize and monetize client’s digital brands.”

About Statara
Statara Solutions, is a full-service data, analytics, public affairs, and marketing firm focused on helping Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, non-profit organizations and trade associations, identify, reach, and persuade their target audiences with actionable solutions. Statara is part of the TARA Group LLC, a holding company with a successful track record of investing in independently operated data and marketing companies.

About Stirista
Stirista is a data-driven marketing cloud that combines the power of authoritative identity data with the execution of omnichannel marketing. Through its data and customer-centric approach, Stirista is helping Fortune 500 and mid-market brands increase brand loyalty and acquire new customers. Stirista’s privacy compliant data insights helps clients interact with customers and prospects via digital, email and social channels. For more information, please visit