You ever think about, like, data

Marijuana is legal in 18 U.S. states, but weed businesses are required to take steps to ensure they are not marketing their products to minors. Statara Solutions, a data analytics company recently profiled in Protocol Enterprise, just launched a service for this market that promises to deliver a prerolled set of potential stoners for their advertising activity.

They’re calling it “Baked Audiences.” (We’ll just let you sit with that for a minute.)

“We create proprietary compliance filters, so you reach only the ‘intended’ outbound audience (adults aged 21 and over),” Statara said on the above site, adorned with a pleasant green background. The company also plans to provide point-of-sale age verification services based on its data expertise and advertising assistance upon request.

As of publication time, April 20 is still 33 days away. Smoke if you got ’em.