Post-Election Analysis

Do you have a plan to measure how effective your electoral work was this election year? The day after the election, your stakeholders and donors will ask if your efforts to turnout your members for your endorsed candidates resulted in those people actually turning out. This will both validate your leadership and their investment of resources, and likely lead to future investment. If you don’t have a plan in place, Statara Solutions can help you. Through our timely and detailed data collection efforts, we’re able to help you analyze the impact of whether or not your members voted. Furthermore, with comprehensive survey research, we can help you gage whether or not your targeted mail, phones, texts and ads influenced their vote. This kind of research can also help you when your government affairs team is setting meetings with newly elected officials. There are few things more powerful for a first-time meeting with an official than being able to tell them how many members you have in their district, how many are registered voters who vote frequently, and whether or not they voted for the winner. This kind of data-driven analysis shows policy makers your ability to help them govern and get re-elected. Contact us at to learn more about how we can build a post-election analysis plan for you.