Not happy with the accuracy of your lists?

We hear from universities, membership organizations, and companies all the time about dropping contact rates across landlines, cell phones and email – hoping we can use our proprietary national database and our state-of-the-art matching processes to improve their lists.

In every instance, we can and do help.

Using our record linkage technology, we consistently recognize people over time, even as they change their names and addresses. This allows us to fix outdated phone numbers, correct last names, and even make sure you’re not contacting individuals who are deceased. What’s more, our data enhancement services add powerful socio-economic, demographic and civic-participation profiles to your data, helping you tailor your pitches and the content of your messages.

Since starting, we have improved the accuracy of client lists by an average of 15 percentage points, and we have improved the accuracy of clients’ third-party data by an average of 23 percentage points. This accuracy translates into hundreds if not thousands of optimized dollars for our clients – making sure they get the most bang for their buck and extends the reach of their budgets.

To learn more about how we can fix your bad lists, contact us at