Need lists for grassroots advocacy?

Federal and state lobbying is oftentimes an “inside-baseball” kind of game. Lobbyists and special interest groups with relationships and leverage use their connections to policymakers to influence what goes into legislation.

But oftentimes, lobbyists and advocacy groups find themselves at a loss looking to exhibit public support for or opposition against state and federal policies – legislation, rules, comment-gathering, etc. This “outside-game” of showing policymakers that grassroots folks from Main Street America have thoughts to share related to legislation is a powerful component to influencing policymaking.

But just like any campaign effort, you almost always have to start with a list. This is no exception. Lobbyists and advocacy groups can turn to their first-party data – members, donors, influencers, etc – and ask them to call policymakers and their staff. That first-hand input regarding the positive or negative effects of policy goes a long way. Just as important is building a list of a policymakers’ in-district constituents who share the advocacy effort’s point of view.

Statara has audiences of voters in every state, Congressional District, State Legislative District, City Council Ward – you name it – whose characteristics allow us to model their likelihood of being for or against any number of local, state and federal issues.

If you’re working on anything from Crypto-currency, Online Gaming,  Energy Issues, Net Neutrality, Cannabis Legalization, Infrastructure Investments, Taxes, and much much more – we can develop audiences of activists who would sign onto your advocacy efforts and participate in townhalls, teletownhalls, rallies, marches, legislative fly-ins, petition-signings, patch-thru calls and more.

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