MediaJel, a digital marketing leader in regulated industries, will unveil details on an innovative partnership with Statara Solutions, a top data and marketing solutions provider for identity resolution and age-compliance, at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference on Tuesday. The collaboration aims to enhance advertising compliance while boosting Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) through increased customer retention.

Dubbed “Demograph,” this new offering combines the expertise of MediaJel’s digital marketing platform with Statara’s data and technology, already in use by Fortune 100 companies and consumer credit bureaus. Statara recently launched a proprietary cannabis-specific data solution called Baked Audiences.

MediaJel CEO, Jake Litke, emphasized the importance of maximizing marketing investments in the current cannabis industry landscape. “MediaJel’s work with Statara addresses these budget concerns as we introduce the most transparent attribution reporting and measurement available for cannabis brands and retailers,” he said.

Demograph enables MediaJel clients to better utilize their data assets to understand and retain their customer base while safely and compliantly reaching new consumers in targeted demographics. Statara’s team, boasting over two decades of experience in regulated industries, has spent the last 18 months rigorously testing and validating their data solutions. Its data accuracy is further strengthened by relationships with pertinent state government agencies and participation in Truthset’s Data Collective.

Statara CEO, Lindsey Schuh Cortés, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership: “Our data and products were built for this type of partnership. We’re excited to work with MediaJel to show cannabis companies and brands a full view of their customers and how they can grow revenue in a responsible and sustainable way.”

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