Have you fallen out of touch with your list?

It’s the marketing specialist’s and advocacy professional’s worst nightmare – inheriting a list that no one has reached out to in God-only-knows-how-long. Where do you even begin to re-engage your customers and activists after such a lull?

Don’t worry, Statara Solutions can help.

Using our proprietary, national consumer file and our state-of-the-art matching processes, we will hygiene your list with the most accurate contact information on the market, and enhance it with socio-economic, demographic and civic-participation profiles that will make your outreach optimally appealing to your audience.

Nothing will be as hard as this: we helped the US Peace Corps create an invite list for its 50th Anniversary. Taking their 50 year’s worth of outdated names and addresses from their Returned Peace Corps Volunteers list, and using our unparalleled matching techniques against our proprietary database, we helped find 87% of those Volunteers – nearly 30% had changed their name at least once and 8% had changed their home address at least once. Our performance far exceeded the Peace Corps’ expectations (and, frankly, industry standards) and helped make their Anniversary event so much more successful.

To learn more about how we can reconnect you with your customers and supporters, contact us at sales@statara.com.