Statara combines its expertise in analytics, polling, consulting, and outreach to create a full-service firm committed to helping companies, trade groups, universities, and more reach, engage, and retain their audiences. At Statara, we help our clients identify and gain a full understanding of their audience, customers, and members and then find the most effective ways to reach and engage with them.

From start to finish, Statara works in lockstep with our clients to deliver a full suite of services to help them better identify and target the audiences that will help them reach their goals. Through polling, data enhancement, and modeling, we provide organizations with the most up-to-date, detailed information necessary to effectively reach, educate, and persuade their audiences. We then put our team’s wealth of experience to work on how best to use our technologies to convert audiences into users, members, buyers, subscribers, or advocates.

In practice, our work has made a difference for companies, trade associations, universities, and membership organizations—helping them identify, reach, and persuade their target audiences with actionable solutions.