Transform your advertising with groundbreaking data capabilities and unrivaled transparency

AdVantage 360: The Clear Advantage for your Media Buys

Pioneering the ad-tech landscape, Statara Solutions introduces an unparalleled platform that far exceeds industry standards in data velocity, cost-efficiency, and transparent operations. Our forward-thinking ethos redefines campaign management, placing our partners at the vanguard of digital advertising success.

Why Choose AdVantage 360?

Comprehensive Data Access: Access an expansive data ecosystem with detailed information on over 263 million adults, enriched with predictive analytics for swift, informed decisions.

Complimentary First-Party Data Onboarding: Seamlessly integrate your proprietary data at no additional cost, enhancing campaign personalization and efficiency.

Complete Cost Clarity: Enjoy full financial transparency with no hidden costs, ensuring clear visibility from media spend to conversion tracking.

Attribution and Insights: Freely analyze campaign effectiveness with detailed post-campaign reports matching results to audience and ad log data.

Peerless Transparency with Ad Log Insights: Gain direct access to ad logs for unmatched campaign oversight and performance analysis.

Brand Safety: Rely on our strict adherence to brand safety and fraud prevention.

Premium Publishers: Position your ads within top-tier Connected TV (CTV) content environments through exclusive partnerships.

Discover AdVantage 360

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